Data Science Day Schedule

May 10, 2019


9:00: Welcome


9:05-10:30: Responsible Data Science Session

Moderated by Abel Rodriguez, Statistics Department, UC Santa Cruz


Responsible Data Visualization

Angus Forbes, Computational Media Department, UC Santa Cruz


The Professor and the Dashboard: A Cautious Approach to Classroom Data Analytics

Jody Greene, Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning; Director, Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning; Professor of Literature, UC Santa Cruz


Situated, Collaborative Modeling: Critical Participatory Data Science in Rural Zimabawe with the Muonde Trust

Melissa Viola Eitzel Solera, Science and Justice Research Center, UC Santa Cruz


Fair Algorithms

Yang Liu, Computer Science and Engineering, UC Santa Cruz


Data Privacy: From Theory to Practice

Abhradeep Guha Thakurta, Computer Science and Engineering, UC Santa Cruz


10:30-10:45: Break


10:45-11:45: Keynote

Ethical Considerations in Data Science

Mehran Sahami, Stanford University


11:30-12:00: Poster Highlights


12:15-1:15 Lunch


1:15-2:30: Data Science for Social Good Session

Moderated by Jim Whitehead, Computational Media Department, UC Santa Cruz


Data Dividends?: Rethinking work and the commons in the era of big data

Chris Benner, Dorothy E. Everett Chair in Global Information and Social Entrepreneurship; Director, Everett Program for Technology and Social Change; Director, Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation; Professor, Environmental Studies and Sociology


Causal Inference Without an Experiment

Carlos Dobkin, Economics Department, UC Santa Cruz and National Bureau of Economic Research


Modeling for Seasonal Marked Point Processes: An Analysis of Evolving Hurricane Occurrences

Athanasios Kottas, Statistics Department, UC Santa Cruz


Using Big Data to Improve Students' Educational Outcomes in the Silicon Valley

Rebecca London, Sociology Department, UC Santa Cruz


Real-world benefits of Machine Learning in healthcare

Narges Norouzi, Computer Science and Engineering, UC Santa Cruz


2:30-2:40: Closing


2:45-4:00: Poster session